Football Scandals : Part One

Showing that anything the scriptwriters of ITV series Footballers Wives can make up, the real footballers and managers can top, this is the first part of a series looking at incidents and scandals that have rocked football over the years:

Wayne Rooney Frequents House of Old Aged Ill Repute

English football?s great young hope Wayne Rooney was uncovered by the British tabloids in August 2004 having been a frequent visitor to a Liverpudlian brothel where he had sex with a 48 year grandmother going by the name of Auld Slapper and a mother of six with a penchant for dressing up as a cowgirl. The previous month had seen initial revelations about Rooney paying callgirl Charlotte Glover ?140 for sex and leaving her a touching note after the transaction saying ?To Charlotte I sh****d u on 28 Dec loads of love Wayne Rooney?.

Wayne Rooney has since become engaged to long term girlfriend Coleen McLaughlin.

Wayne Rooney On Holiday With Fiancee Coleen McLaughlin

Mickey Thomas and Funny Money

Former Manchester United, Wrexham and Wales legend Mickey Thomas was jailed for 18 months in 1993 for forgery, namely printing his own ten pound notes and distributing them through Wrexham?s trainee players. Ever the comedian Thomas became a regular on the after dinner circuit after getting out of jail and joking like this about his misdemeanour, ?Roy Keane?s on 50 grand a week. So was I until the police found my printing machine.? Who says crime doesn?t pay? Not Mickey Thomas ?I made sure I had the best of everything: whatever I wanted to drink, plenty of days at home and, towards the end, I even had my own car.? A picture of Thomas swigging from a champagne bottle while still serving his sentence subsequently made the front cover of the News Of The World.

Mickey Thomas

David Pleat and the Slowest Car in London

In 1987 in his first season as manager of Tottenham Hotspur and having guided the club to third in the league, an FA Cup Final and the semi finals of the League Cup, David Pleat is forced to resign after the tabloids report on him being cautioned for kerb crawling around notorious red light districts of London. To make matters more clear cut Mr. Pleat was cautioned not once but three times. He went on to manage Leicester City, Sheffield Wednesday and Luton Town again before returning to Spurs as Director of Football in the late 1990s.

David Pleat

Peter Storey ? Arsenal?s “Golden” Boy

A member of Arsenal?s 1970/71 Double Winning side and an England international, Storey?s fall from grace after he retired from the game began with a ?700 fine and a six month suspended jail sentence in 1979 for running an East London brothel and was quickly followed with being sentenced to three years in jail the following year after financing a plot to counterfeit gold coins. In 1990 he was jailed again for 28 days after failing to import 20 pornographic movies from Europe into the UK having hidden them in the spare tyre of his car.

Peter Storey

Graham Rix and the Younger ?Woman?

Former Arsenal and England midfielder and Chelsea coach Graham Rix was sentenced to twelve months in prison in March 1999, for having underage sex with a 15-year-old girl who he allegedly plied with drink and drugs in a hotel room before taking advantage of. Upon his release from prison six months later he immediately rejoined Chelsea and was reinstated in his old job.

Graham Rix

2 thoughts on “Football Scandals : Part One

  1. Footballers and scandals are made in heaven.

    From the young Marcus Artrys, aspiring Jermaine Pennants, talented Paul Vaessens, established Robin van Persie, national team captain Tony Adams to has-been Graham Rix…they were all jailed or at least detained.

    Yet in this age when scandals are no longer scandals but opportunities to make quick money, unsuspecting Graham Stacks could become victims.

    I no longer believe 100% what I read in the paper, may even stop buying papers with alleged scandals. As at the end of the day, footballers are also human, what they might have done, is just another story.

    And the topic of a chant at the next away game.

  2. For that very reason I decided to concentrate on those who had been convicted in court or admitted to their misdemeanours publicly. While it’s the stuff of away fans dreams when making up chants I don’t like to see any person wrongly accused of a crime just so someone can make a few quid selling their story about it to the papers.

    Saying that, no one is above the law if found guilty and the characters above certainly paid the price in one way or another for their waywardness (Rooney is excepted here as he didn’t break any laws that I know of but I’m sure the lovely Miss McLoughlin more than got her fair share of make up presents from Burberry after his antics were put in the papers).

    I would make a connection between arrested footballers and a certain North London den of corruption but I want to attract more fans of other teams to this site so will leave my old prejudices at the door (I did try to balance it up with old Pleaty, honest guv!)

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