Something Fishy About Tevez And Mascherano To West Ham Deal

And I’m not talking about the year’s supply of jellied eels they’ve got in front of them either. The deal to take Argentina stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano to West Ham United hasn’t officially been confirmed yet but football discussion forums are white hot with the news and the potential implications, not only for West Ham but for the premiership at large.

What would attract two of the world’s most sought after, young, talented international stars to Upton Park and the waiting arms of Alan Pardew? At first glance there is no logical explanation. West Ham had a great season last year after their promotion and surprised a lot of people (me included) with their classy football and solid defence that not only gave them a respectable league finish but also took them to the FA Cup Final.

I doubt that their Cup Final defeat in one of the liveliest and most enjoyable Cup Finals in many years will have been enough to tempt the two Argies though and despite having a foot in European competition with the UEFA Cup, I doubt that’s the real pulling factor either.

My suspicions lead me to a somewhat shadier deal being cooked up between the players’ club Corinthians, their owners MSI and another club with shady links to MSI and their owners. It’s long been rumoured that Roman Abramovich is the money man behind MSI and the reason that a broke Brazilian club like Corinthians could afford players like Tevez and Mascherano in the first place. It leaves no doubt in my mind that Chelsea and Roman are behind this proposed season long loan deal for the two Argentinians to West Ham and it’s only for one purpose – to acclimatise the players to London and the Premiership and see whether they are worth signing for Chelsea properly next summer.

There can be no other reason for this transfer to take place. Yes, West Ham are a good, homely club with some good players but for a club to sign Carlton Cole this summer and turn around and also get Carlos Tevez, it leaves me wondering what the motives are. I think I’ve worked out the obvious answer and it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the Premiership.

We’ve seen Chelsea’s strange buys and loan deals in the past with players like Smertin and Jarosik but this moves things to another level completely. Chelsea don’t outright own these players or their club but their guiding hand can skew the transfer market that they can prevent any of their near rivals in the top five from having these players while they park them at a safe and respectable club, close but not too close, for a season to let them mature in the English game.

Something stinks around here and the smell is increasingly eminating from Roman Abramovich’s direction.

77 thoughts on “Something Fishy About Tevez And Mascherano To West Ham Deal

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  2. After reading the news on Sky this morning I came to exactly the same conclusion. Roman Abramovich is destroying any remaining vestiges of competition from the Premiership and destroying the soul of the game for the fans. I think even Chelsea fans would rather they just bought the players they want and let their opponents have the pick of the rest, so that anything they do achieve is not considered a hollow victory by the shit they are trying to pull. Why oh why don’t the Russian police arrest that tosser already and we can enjoy the beautiful game once more.

  3. Is it common knowledge that Roman / Chelski helped get Tevez to Corinthians in the first place, with a long term destination of Stamford Bridge at a later date. I heard this earlier in the year.

    The conspiracy theory certainly is believeable. Sling him out 😉

  4. As a Hammer I find myself wondering the same. The only other thought was that MSI who own the players contracts were in talks to buy West Ham in our last Chmpionship season. The club cold shouldered them when they did not come through with a firm offer. Given that WH have the potential to maybe move to Stratford in 2013 we are a London side with potential for inreased future revenue on so perhaps a better bet even than Villa for a takeover. If MSI still want WH then maybe this is a sweatener?

  5. “When the Jews return to Zion, and a comet rips the sky, and the Holy Roman Empire rises, Then You and I must die. From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother ‘Til man exists no more.”

  6. This is unreal & being an Arsenal supporter i was looking forward to seeing both of them at the Emirates……….Oh well looks like Baptista this time round & that’s it……………Excitement over till January.

  7. Its definitely a possiblity, though Roman has never actually been officially linked to MSI, he’s always denied being anything more than friends with the owners. They do have other Russian Billionaire backers (theres more than one, hows that for a scary thought) and they DID try to buy West Ham last year, quite publically, though they were unable to agree on a price.

    So another possibility is that this deal is something to do with MSI coming back in to attempt to purchase West Ham once again.

    And if you want to form one super conspiracy theory it could be that MSI want to sign west ham as full time feeder club for chelsea, bringing in all the potential talent and vetting them for a year before moving them over to the big boys. Given that Roman isnt offically involved with MSI, i doubt theres much they could do to stop it.

  8. You are forgetting that MSI tried 2 years ago to buy WH. I suspect that this might be a takeover bid in disguise…..

  9. Both Abramovich and Berezovsky have denied invovlement in MSI, although the latter would appear to have something to do with funding the company. It shouldn’t be forgotten that they fell out some time ago; Berezovsky threatened to sue and take Chelsea as damages! Not impossible that they would be doing some sort of business together, but it seems unlikely.

    SteveinEssex’s point about the deal possibly being a sweetener for a renewed MSI bid for WHU sounds very plausible but either way, both players will be in a bigger shop window now. It may just be that MU, Arsenal and CFC wouldn’t pay the money wanted for two players that may or may not take to the English game.

    If they succeed, the price goes up and if they don’t, presumably they’ll end up in Spain / Italy or back in Brazil.

  10. So what’s new? Big clubs with lots of money are hovering around the big players. Big deal. What’s ‘dodgy’ about that? As a Hammers fan, I just want to see class at Upton Park…and these guys are class! Well done Pardew and the Board. Hammers fans, even if they do end up at Chelski, at least we get two class players for a season and the club’s profile is raised. If they stay, even better! Non Hammers fans – especially Tottscum and Arsenal – you would want your club to do the same as Chelsea if you had a sugar daddy splashing the cash. Sour grapes lad. And don’t give me the “money is ruining football” bollo*ks. It’s made the Premiership what it is today. A much better league. And I don’t hear anybody moaning about Steve Gibson at Boro ruining the game? (go check how much cash he has splashed over the years) And why? Cos Boro have won dick all!

  11. Listen, why does this get to everyone?? West Ham are a great club and for whatever reason we have maybe got a couple of great players coming to us. Let us Hammers fans just enjoy this! It must be great for all you big boy’s splashing your cash about and making signings!! West Ham have showed true grit to get to where we are now and this is a nice slice of good luck for us! So let us enjoy it and if they head to Chelsea next year well so be it! I really dont think it will destroy the game!!

  12. Spot on Daffy ! Well said mate ! If the deal goes through it is merely to raise the players profile so MSI can obtain a higher fee when they sell them.

    Come on you irons !

  13. ROMAN UP TO HIS USAUL TRICKS bring the beautiful game into a sham-spoiliong it for everyone- chelsea shud be disqualified as a premierleague team. Fishy deal indeed. I’ve been hoping Mascherano and Tevez would come to united for 3 years and especially since ruud left and we missed out on hargreaves-now they are at west ham(better than goin to the emirates stadium) just hope it isn’t a fix for them to go to chelsea next year- but i know it will turn out like that- chelsea are rats and steal everybody’s targets the premiership teams shud really start going for everyone chelsea go for-then we’d have players like ronaldinho who chelsea will go for next year goin to pompey! lol p.s. if you can all anti-chelsea supporters go to the website and sign up to bring our beautiful game back in order and exterminate this blue vermin

  14. The fact that so many non WHU fans are venting their spleen over this tells you everything you need to know…

    “The deal” is not the issue – they are just wracked off that THEIR club hasn’t got the nod instead of the Hammers

    No-one with a grain of sense would turn these two players away, be it for a loan period or as a purchase

    It’s a bit of canny biz all round – you don’t HAVE to own a thing to enjoy it

    C’mon you Irrrooonnnsss!!!

  15. west ham are a shitty little club with no balls , why would 2 great players go there it makes no sence , they are mid table fodder at best and dont give me that fa cup final bullshit , you may have had a good game but you aint cup winners and watching stevie g score twice to deny you was a plessure only surpassed by are 5th european cup . Wets Ham are shit they aint a big team and they cant sign big players so something fishy is defo going on and my money is behind some russian billionair


  16. Shut up you P*ick its people like you in football who are bad as the money men. Crawl back in to your pathetic hole from where you came.



  18. The illiterate red ritchie says:


    Errr, the whole point of this discussion forum is that we have indeed just signed two of the biggest players available.

    Make that illiterate AND stupid. What an idiot.


    Wets Ham are shit they aint a big team and they cant sign big players so something fishy is defo going on and my money is behind some russian billionair

  20. Abramovich is a sneaky shit destroying football…. Why would any top player even consider west ham if there wasnt a promise of something bigger and better around the corner. West ham fans should be sick their club is being used like this… F*^k off back where you came from Roman!!!!

  21. …oh, and apparently, according to the well balanced, reasonable, and articulate red ritchie, a team that loses an FA Cup Final on penalties must necessarily be shit and going to be relegated the following season. Of course. It logically follows, like night following day. Oh and red ritchie, ‘night’ is that part of a 24 hour day where things go a little dark and you start to grow hair on your hands and palms.

  22. Just get off the site you pathetic cock, no one is interested in you and your glory boy rants!!

    just simply anoyying for a man u fan to think of……
    and well as for the other twat………….
    FUCK OFF THE IRANIAN…….best so-called partner of that russian fella…..

  24. Dear oh dear. One brain cell at the most. Funnily enough, ‘Daffy’ isn’t my REAL name. Every heard of a pseudonym? No, probably not. And just because you repeat a stupid sentence doesn’t make it any more sensible.

    “Wets Ham are shit they aint a big team and they cant sign big players”

    “Can’t sign big players”. I’ll repeat the obvious for red ritchie who we must pity – WE HAVE JUST SIGNED BIG PLAYERS! Hahaha. Process that simple piece of information poor red ritchie. It might hurt, but it will stop you spouting bolloc*s.


    West Ham have now confirmed the signing……………………..of some Czech Republic U17 player.

    If Tevez and Mas come off, biggest transfer coup in maybe the last 10 years. Bigger than Sheva to Chelsea by far due to the status of the players and size of club.

  26. YOOO BLAD, Chelsea r mothafukerz man, they want everyone, they are buying the trophies man…easy come easy fuckin go. Abromavich is just a batty man, someone should make him drink the oil his company produces, maybe then he will learn not to buy every single player arsenal and man utd want. chelsea/abromavich = Wastemanz

  27. Fair play to west Ham – even more so if this deal means we get Reo-Coker – but from a football perspective its all a bit depressing. Chelsea were already buying everybody, muscling in on the other top teams negotiations and unsettling their players (not just Cole but Gerrard too, and others). Now they’re also using their money to strengthen other teams in the same league. Forgive me, but if WHU take 3 points off us this year, will we think ‘Fair play’ or ‘Those f**king chelsea c**ts!’?

    What if they directed some decent players to the other teams in our (or Man U/L’pool’s) CL groups? I’m surprised they haven’t bought the heartbeats of their group opponents but I guess they feel reasonably confident of getting to the KO stages!

    As to the guy who reckons we’d all be ok with it if our clubs had that backing – bollocks. I’d like a couple of big name signings, sure, but other than that we’ve achieved our success and our new ground through the usual routes. If we threw our (ill gotten) cash about like chelsea I’d be mortified.

  28. as a hammers fan i am delighted that we can attract players like these to upton park cant wait to see them in action if we can push on know and qualify for the champions league whats to say they wont want to stay after all the west ham fans are the best in the premier league they will be made to feel very welcome and will like the style off football we play

  29. As a Man. U fan i have to say i disagree with the way our fans as well as gooners and scousers have slated west ham and have come out with the “oh it’s all corrupt dodgy” nonsense. I reckon daffy is right – and mohan me lad it ain’t bollox. as we missed out on hargeaves, i reckon mascherano could have been the closest thing to a new keane. and there isn’t a top club across europe who wouldn’t want tevez, so mohan, if we had spunked a load of money on the pair, you’d be happy. same for gooners or scousers. the only way to look at this (and it fuck*ng hurts me to say it) is WELL DONE WEST HAM. I think fans from other clubs who can control their jealously and all this chelski conspiracy rubbish should just recognise the coup for what it is.

  30. I know the WHU fans are getting annoyed but think about it. One of the clubs with the most money to splash at the moment is Portsmouth, yet they’ve signed very few players. Why? Because they’ve not got the profile or chances of success. A big player would choose Liverpool over Portsmouth.

    This is why WHU’s signings are so suspicious. WHU are not a big club, no matter what their fans say, they are only in the UEFA and probably won’t win anything this year (though I really cannot see them getting anywhere near the relegation zone). For such big players to go there immediately screams that there’s more to this than meets the eye. My concern, apart from who’s really behind this move and why (the Chelski theory seems plauisble) is that WHU could get caught in a cycle of importing these players for a season at a time and become unable to bulid a coherent team and will never win anything. WHU don’t deserve that, they’ve got history.

  31. The bottom line is overall, the hammers aint nothing , they will be lucky to finish in the top eight even with those argies, the truth is, those kids have been promised to go to chelski unfort…
    the reason being is, why would they go to w/ham when milan, arsenal, chelsea , ac milan, and inter have been after them
    See my point, roman has destroyed footie

  32. Listen we understand that, but one season of those players could well raise our profile help us finish in the top six and so become a more attractive side for players to come to. Plus I dont really agree with your views on Portsmouth, they have made some big ish signings and good on them, they are maybe having there bit of succses. Why is it that us so called smaller clubs should not have something to be excited about or are we only allowed to stay in mid table because the big four say so!! It’s football a game for everyone to enjoy not just the big boys!

  33. Bubbleblower: HAHAHA… do you really think WHU ATTRACTS players like this? LOL… perhaps they were offered a trial first? Come on… WHU have been struggling to hold on to their own homegrown talents. They dart away as soon as a larger club approaches them. And there are about 15 – 18 of them in the PL alone.

    Don’t even dream about this being the dream destination for those players. Maybe WHU is turning into a hatchery for Roman? A place where he can keep his talents for a while, until they adapt to english football, language, etc. The “success” of WHU will then depend on Roman. Nice thought!

  34. If it’s any consolation my preferred outcome would be the Argentinos do push WHU up into the upper reaches of the Prem (obviously not above my own club :P) and become really big heroes and then decide to stay. It won’t happen but it would be wonderful.

    But though you’re right, they could push WHU up and make them more attractive it looks like it might see Reo-Coker leave and next year, if the Argentinos are gone, you’ve also lost Reo-Coker and suddenly look like a team with less ambition, like what happened to Norwich after 1993.

    My point with Portsmouth is they were the new Tottenham this year, linked with so many big names who didn’t come. No gripes with who they did sign (and Harry’s a top manager) but it wasn’t what was promised.

  35. Somethings not right. Why would they both sign for West Ham on season long loan and not Man Utd or Arsenal. Im sure either United or Arsenal would take them on a season long if given the option. These two players have been touted around Europe to all the best clubs at high transfer fees. Why do they settle (if confirmed) for a mediocre premiership club (no disrespect to Hammers). If its proven this is for Chelskis gain then they should be thrown out of European competition, stripped of their premiership titles and docked 50 points.

  36. as it appears there is something fishy about it
    sorry WHU fans but i totally agree with the fact tht WHU is not the club which can attract players of such caliber.. WHU is just turning abt to be a parking space for Chelsea before they can suck them into Stamford Bridge blackhole
    he has done it before and he repeats himself … lolz i with comment no. 6 .. good one !
    the main aim of Roman/Chelsea has been to buy players so that their oppositions dont get their hands on them… most of them hav hardly played even 2 digit number of games
    Its definitely a very bad tactic and will ruin the spirit of this beautiful game called football

  37. The top four clubs stay at the top because of money, anyone that begrudges West Ham our great news is seriously misguided and a grouch, the game got fucked over years ago, if every team gets this kind of break maybe we’ll get back to an even keel, and to be fair by the looks of the start of this season we are in for a much more interesting title race and tough games, it’s exciting again. The Hammers can be proud to have developed such great home talent, we were set to be a superb team before it all went horribly wrong with the selling of Rio, the top four clubs now own half our old team between them, it’s not just about hard graft and sweat, that’s bollocks, it’s about friggin luck.

  38. My bet is either Roman, MSI or simply that someone hacked his website, causing a riot in the football world. All these news seem to emerge from this statement on his website!

  39. Just seen they have signed PERMANENT deals with the hammers! Amazing! An even bigger coup than first thought! Looks like MSI will try to buy the hammers again. AND LADS – COME ON – IT AIN’T ‘FISHY’ TO HAVE A CORPORATION OFFERING PLAYERS TO CLUBS (WHO’S RIGHTS THEY OWN) ESPECIALLY IF THE CORPORATION IS BUYING THE CLUB. IT’S CALLED BUSINESS! My club Man U has its fingers in small clubs all over the world, just like Arsenal and Liverpool. And does anyone on here know if other clubs put a firm bid in for the two argies? Anyone? Cos if no other clubs bidded, then their decision was made easier. AND U LOT REALLY ARE MINDLESSLY SLATING WEST HAM FOR NO GOOD REASON? WHY ALL IS THIS BAD BLOOD TOWARDS A CLUB WITH PEDIGREE AND HISTORY?!??!

  40. Olerules – hang on, mate, I did say ‘Fair play to WHU’ and I certainly don’t begrudge them getting some decent talent in (as other posters have pointed out, the traffic is usually going the other way).

    I just object to chelsea being in charge of who goes where, that’s all. I’m not claiming it used to be a level playing field, it never was, but it was a damn sight closer than it is now, especially if chelsea have gone beyond their own squads and are now dictating who can sign for whom.

    Its not the money – this hasn’t cost WHU has it? – its the distorting effect on the market/game. I think you’re a bit naive to say, ‘fair enough, WHU beat the big clubs to these players’ as its pretty clear that there’s more to it than that.

    And I reiterate – I don’t blame WHU for taking the opportunity. I honestly hope it doesn’t blow up in their faces, but if it does they’ll be cursing The Roman, not their ‘luck’.

  41. Would this be the time to point out that the two Argentines have actually signed for WHU on a PERMANENT basis. Does rather blow all the Abramovich conspiracy theories out of the water…

  42. Mate, They’ve signed “for an undisclosed fee and “All other aspects of the transfers will remain confidential and undisclosed.” They won’t even reveal what length of contract they’ve signed?? What salaries??

    Do me a favour. What other world cup superstars have moved continents to a club involved in European football for an undisclosed fee and for an unspecified length of time??

    No, nothing dodgy there, I’m sure!

  43. Actually MOHAN, it is CLUB POLICY now under Pardew that signing on fees and wages (and the transfer fee if the selling club agrees) are ALL kept confidential. We didn’t disclose the details of Bowyer’s contract, for example, doesn’t mean it is dodgy. We are not disclosing the terms of Harewoods new contract – doesn’t mean it is dodgy. Same true for Collins and Gabbidon when we signed them. The idea is stop wage spiral inflation – if the other players don’t know what the other is exactly earning, and if other prospective signings don’t know the excat wage structure of the club, then the club cannot be held to ransom. This is standard practice on the continent – it is only now a few English clubs are seeing the long term finanacial benefits of confidentiality. You’re blatantly looking for conspiracy, dodgy nonsense! I think OleRules is right – the reason they came to WHUFC is probably because MSI are looking to buy the Hammers again. That ain’t ‘dodgy’ – it’s a coporation taking it assets with them!!! Nothiing illegal or corrupt about it.

  44. Good job Hammers, convincing whoever you had to convince to get these two promising youngsters, even if only for one year. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Tevez and Mascherano playing in the Prem week in, week out (and as a Liverpool fan, I will readily admit I am a bit relieved that we have already played WHU once this season). I think there is nothing wrong with them being happy for this ‘coup’, but I do not see why the conspiracy theorists couldn’t be correct either (just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you, blah-blah). And a point in favour of that point of view is the fact that West Ham are not a big club… outside England, that is. Players of that caliber are attracted to big names, which I doubt West Ham is in Argentina. The Hammers have great fans, one of the best ‘club’ songs, and more history then Chelsea (although fewer trophies even before the Abramovich era), but they are not that well known in Europe, even less so in South America. That alone is ringing some warning bells in my head, though I do hope I am wrong about Abramovich essentially using West Ham as a satellite club, not least because it would be a pretty sad development for a club I do like, even if I don’t support it.

  45. I think this is great news. As a Liverpool fan I’m delighted that ManU or Arsenal didn’t get them and West Ham deserve to have players of their quality. Their fans are second only to ours 😉 and they play football the right way – well done hammers, Glad we’ve already got the 3 points in the bag :)

    Remember folks Chelsea can only field 11 players at a time, if they build up the sqaud too much over time people will continue to get pissed off like Gallas, the cracks are already showing

  46. Hey, nice one DEC and nice one OleRules! I don’t see what the big fuss is about from arsenal and man u fans. Jealousy maybe? The two Argies are 22, will be playing UEFA cup footie this season, living in London, and were recommended the club by Scaloni in the summer (who tried to engineer a permanent move to West Ham himself). Look, West Ham fans ain’t stupid – they probably have release causes galore in their contracts. But why can’t people give credit where credit is due? They have signed permanent deals, so PARDEW and the West Ham Board should be applauded for selling the club to two oustanding players. Well done to the management team at West Ham!

  47. Good luck to West Ham, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, I remember wondering how Spurs managed to sign two World Cup winning players in Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa. But these are different times and I can’t help but think that this is some kind of sweetener from MSI before they buy the club up. But what the hell they’re great additions to the Premiership, West Ham might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

  48. First off I’m jealous. I’d love to have had these players at Spurs. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so narked about this deal. BUT, I do feel that Chelsea have something to do with it I’m afraid. When was the last time Chelsea ‘let’ another Premierleague club buy this type of player without nipping in with a quick bid?

    I’d love to know how much these guys actually cost you. And I’d love to know how they fit in with your wage structure. I’d have thought they were out of your price range….. honestly, that’s not a dig. I don’t question your ability to attract these guys, afterall West Ham are a club with great history.

    I guess it’ll all become clear at the end of the season, if they stay with you then it’ll shut the doubters up. If they move to Chelsea then shame on you.

    For the meantime though, bloody well done. You wouldn’t consider selling Maschereno to us for ?2.75m would you?

    See you in Europe!

  49. Hee hee, haven’t stopped laughing yet at Red Richie calling us ‘Wet Ham’ :-)

    Interesting seeing everyone spit their dummy about West Ham signing some good players – I didn’t see anyone moaning when they bought all their good players from West Ham! Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Glen Johnson, Jermain Defoe, Freddie Kanoute, Michael Carrick, etc. Funny how some clubs like to leech off of us but then get uppity and call us names.

    So then, with the 2013 move to Stratford likely, looks like MSI have used this deal as leverage to buy the club at a lower price, or at least slightly lower price (if they retain ownership of Tevez & Mascherano). But the deal is no dodgier than the deal that took Rio Ferdinand to Leeds courtesy of Barclays Bank owning him. Which was dodgy I guess… :-)

  50. I dont think Arsenal, Man Utd or any other clubs would have been able to sign these players with MSI holding their rights. As a West Ham fan I am astonished and gobsmacked about this deal.

    It leads me to think of all the conspiracies you guys have discussed already in some of your messages. The one that sticks out is the MSI takeover of West Ham and the cheap transfers of these players before it actually takes place.

    MSI are certainly secretive and dodgy but one thing I know for certain that once the dust settles West Ham fans will still be as mighty as they have been as most grounds know when we visit. We as fans expect our club to have the English core and this will not change, although I hope not. The last thing I want is us to become a plastic club like Ch?L$ki.

    It doesnt mean football is dead either, if you put the controversy and sensationalism of these transfers aside you will notice that it will bring more excitement to the Premiership as the ‘top clubs’ now have to worry a whole lot more rather than look at each other.

    Now there is Portsmouth with a billionaire owner, Aston Villa with a billionaire owner and more clubs are likely to be taken over.

    The Premiership is the most lucrative league in the entire world and football is more alive here than anywhere else on the planet.

  51. The Premiership gets more like the NFL every year and I don’t just mean with Mr Glazer and Mr Lerner on board. The billionaire owners are destroying the fabric of the game and turning it into something I don’t particularly agree with although with more of them onboard it may become just a little bit more competitive than it has for a season or two now.

    One more thing: if all these billionaires are splashing cash around, why do Spurs continue to haggle until the last minute of deadline day as if they are waiting for a 50% off sale at LIDL? Get us some Argie superstars Levy you tight b*stard!

  52. Why are so many people having a go at West Ham for signing World Class players. I am a Villa fan and cant wish them enough. More teams like west ham in the Prem putting up a fight against the Top4 and the league will be better than in the 80s.

    We all need world class players.

    Up the Villa !!!! (Original team in Claret and Blue) : )

  53. Well done to West Ham in actually getting these two, but I do agree with some on this forum that something is awry here…..

    MSI must be interested in making profits and maybe this is throwing in a sprat to catch a mackeral, but why would a profit-orientated group be willing to sell it’s assets for less money to West Ham, when they could have obtained far more by selling to Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd unless there’s a bigger agenda?

    Is it a takeover via the back door, or an Abramovich deal dressed up? We may never know, but the fact that these players weren’t even mentioned in the same breathe as West Ham before today smells somewhat.

    Who knows, it may all come out in due course, but I think tracks will have been well covered.

    Notwithstanding all the above, I hope these two bring even more quality to a great league!

  54. To all those who are openly admiting to congrats to WHU … thanks, you show us that there are still plenty of decent fans and personalties around.
    All the conspiracy theories …. if my beloved Hammers have walked into a scam or worse, not only would that be a massive pity, but it would be most unlike West Ham. Surely permanent transfers says something? If in the future they sell one or both to a “big” club, well that is life.
    I for one would be disgusted if WHU were to be a parking place for Chelski’s future stars …. but many of Chelski’s players were weened at West Ham anyway. They have always bred quantity and quality down Upton Park way, selling many has been a survival ticket or them.
    After years of grittily hanging in there, the Hammers have earned it if they are coming up somewhat. Plenty sour grapes and also plenty fair comment and WHU weell-wishers out their. So what is new? We’re forever blowing bubbles, don’t get so uptight if a few blow into your face. As for the burst rectum who repeats “West Ham are shit”, you just display your aggresive and negative default thinking. We who have the pleaseure of supporting WHU donn’t give a shit: you don’t concern us with your shitty attitude and lack of taste. The Hammers are many a non-WHU fans’ second favourite club for plenty of good reasons. I am proud to be a Hammer and even prouder that your kind dislike us so unreasonably.

    First season back up where we belong – FA Cup Final, EUFA Cup qualifyers and 9th place in the face of all the predictions of relagation battles ….. and we played our usual brand of entertaining and attacking football.

    One thing few are seeing … why shouldn’t two world class players join us? We’ve had them before and doubtless will again. WHU are a class act and a class club. If I was a billionare I would also try to get involved with them – spirit, character, class, decades of good football history, and …. whisper it very quietly: a great future is quite possible. I bet that we never ever become a Chel$ki outfit who whinge and whittle their plastic “win at all costs” frame of thought around, interfering and belitteling everybody else. They are spiritless and soul-less: I look forward to the day when they fall over their own self-important boots. They used to be my second favoutite team. But Abromitization has stuffed that and them up. Not his money, but his attitude. And theirs.


  55. I’m not a West Ham fan, but was stunned to see this news. I think this makes West Ham contenders for a place in the Champions League at the very least, as these players were linked with Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, AS Roma, AC Milan and I am certain other teams were also linked.

  56. they also messing with arsn/cole which is holding up huth to middle viduka to new and millner to villa, the games been pimped!

  57. chelsea should sign chon b a young brazilian with a great future ahead of him, roman should get out of the game and give us more of a title race instead of the league being bought!

  58. I am a AC Milan Fan but i have to Congratulate West Ham on signing both Tevez and Mascherano that is deffently a big transfer coup! When i first heard about this transfer i first thought it was just a smoke screen or agree that there must be somthing fishy going on.
    But Now i hear they have actual signed for West Ham and not just joined on Loan, which makes me think abromovich hasn’t anything to do with the fransfer after all.
    But what interests me is How and where did West Ham get the cash to buy both players?
    What ever the out come is, its a win win situation for West Ham.

  59. if i were a chelsea fan n Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano end up at chelsea in 1-2years time with these shady trades i would not be very proud.

  60. Pingback: F.C. Camena: The Greatest Football Club In The Entire World, Ever. » Blog Archive » Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham…and conspiracy theories abound!


    Friday December 10, 2004

    From the Gardian in 2004..

    There has also been speculation that the man behind the plan is in fact Abramovich himself. The Spanish sports daily As claimed this weekend that the Chelsea owner has a 15% share of MSI, suggesting the Corinthians deal is part of a plan to control the Latin American market.

    something very fishy is going on…

  62. i saw my mate
    the other day
    said have u seen the new white ali
    so i said
    who is he
    goes by the name of big ashey
    big ashey big ashey goes by the name of big ashey

  63. No smoke without fire… football at the ‘top’ has become about as exciting as accountancy. I say f*** ’em, let’s all go and watch non-league. It’s cheaper, the beer tastes the same and it’s more of a laugh… remember, that’s why we love football in the first place?? COME ON YOU ANGELS!

  64. From the BBC:

    West Ham are having “exploratory discussions” over a possible takeover.

    The move comes hot on the heels of the club luring Argentine pair Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano to the club.

    “Discussions are at an early stage and there can be no certainty that an offer for West Ham will be forthcoming,” said a club statement to the Stock Exchange.

    “The board also confirms that there is no contractual link between the signing of the players (Tevez and Mascherano) and the bid discussions.”

    Of course there wasn’t…

  65. “So what?s new? Big clubs with lots of money are hovering around the big players. Big deal.” – Daffy.

    Oh my God you’ve got to be the blindest, most biased, rose-tinted-spectacled suppoter-cum-stereotype in the universe. Open your eyes.

  66. God – I used to think that Sellik fans were paranoid – come on guys – get a life & stop the jealousy. Well done to WHU. Why can’t we just leave it at that? Oh and one other thing. As far as Chelsea “buying” the league, what have the likes of ManUre, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, REal Madris, Juventus & A.C. Milan been doing for the past 20 years? (Before ManUre fans come on here bleating about home grown talent, let me remind them of Ruud, Veron, Ferdinand etc all costing plenty million pounds plus).

    Well done the Hammers
    C’mon the Gers!!

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