Swindon Town: A Dragon Slayer With A Diamond Right Boot

This is a story about a man in form. A dragon slayer, beating off injuries with his diamond right boot. This is a great Christian, a believer in all things good. But I’m not talking about St George.

I’m talking about the ass-kicking dynamo that is Christian Roberts.

Players in form show up really easily in the lower echelons of English football. Bog-standard players litter the games like so much discarded chewing gum. But players like Roberts at the moment really shine. You only have to look at the stats. He comes back from injury and BANG! 6 goals in 4 games, and nothing seems to be stopping him. Maybe he’s hit a rich vein. Maybe he’s seeing someone he wants to impress. Or maybe he wants to secure a place in the team with our new manager.

Sturrock came like an oasis in the desert that Wise left us in. Swindon’s board made a really brave choice taking him on, and I have to say they’ve made a great choice. He’s bound by contract to stay here for 1 and a half years, he’s talented by standards even in League one or the Championship, and he looks like Santa. What more could you ask for?

I’ll tell you. The January transfer market will be crucial to Sturrock’s success. Though he may be tired from distributing gifts and suchlike, he needs to bring in several things. One: a talented left back. Jamie Vincent doesn’t cut the mustard and we still don’t have a permanent fixture in the squad like Jack Smith. Two: a tall, strong presence in the defensive midfield. Paul Evans, being short as a Las Vegas marriage, won’t be sticking his head above any other tall midfielders looking for a flick-on. And finally. We need a really quick centre forward, at least on loan till the end of the season. Defenders in League Two can’t chase fast players, and we need someone to scare the daylights out of them and knacker them out, like Alex Rhodes showed us in his brief spell.

But now to the match. It was a nail-biter. And an annoying one at that. Bury took the lead near the 20th minute, totally against the run of play from a corner. We’d been playing well up to that point, passing through the midfield and showing some class down the wings. So that certainly came with a smack in the teeth.

But we played on like nothing had happened. It was like watching Bruce Willis in a die-hard film. We took a bullet to the head, and were still able to shoot the bad guys in the gut and run away with the prize. As we did, in beautiful style. Aaron caught the ball from the midfield and took off down the wing. A nice little one-two with Andy Nicholas and he found a bit of space. A great weighted pass through the defenders legs and straight on to the boot of…

You guessed it. It had to be Christian Roberts lashed it away into the top corner.

And in the end, it took another piece of brilliance mixed with pure luck to win the game. It was nearing the end of the game. We were waiting by the exit to leave, and just as we were about to go, Christian Roberts found some space in the midfield and smacked the ball into the box. But let’s take a moment to reflect on John Fitzgerald. That poor man stuck out his leg on the six yard box and it deflected off his leg into the net.

Ahhhhh. Not many sweeter feelings can be had than knowing how much you deserved a win, then getting it. Good old Sturrock. Good old Roberts. Good old Swindon.

Finally a bit of form goes our way!

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