England Flags Banned At The Emirates!

As I enjoyed my first cup of tea this morning and had a look through the Sun I was astonished to read that Arsenal have banned the flag of St George from the Emirates Stadium. Was it not Arsene Wenger last week who was warning of the foreign influx of businessmen to the premiership and how it would ruin the beautiful English game? Maybe he should have been looking on his own doorstep as well.

Do I stand alone on this one when I say that I think this is a dreadful turn of events. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the ENGLISH Premier League and Arsenal are a London based team and London is the capital of ENGLAND. This is political correctness gone mad. Arsenal have released a club statement on the matter claiming “Some of our fans have been upset with flags denoting particular regions of the world. Arsenal prides itself on being inclusive with respect to all nationalities, cultural and ethnic groups”. It seems that the club may have forgotten its respect to England however and it would be interesting to see how many fans agree with the club’s policy on this matter.

Next thing we know the pies, burgers and chips will be banned as half time as they offend to be replaced with other more “cultured” offerings. Frog legs you say!