Fergie’s Right, Carragher Is A Disgrace

Nani's Leg Injury

Nani's Leg Injury

So first post on the new State of the Game, kind of like making my debut at Old Trafford, the roar of the crowd, a friendly manager/site admin who patted me on the back and said do my best (or else) and time for my opinions to do their own talking. Here goes…

Sir Alex has loosened his tie and started speaking to the media again after the total blackout in the wake of his charge for slagging yet another referee after the hotly disputed Chelsea defeat two weeks ago.

In typical Fergie style, he hasn’t eased himself back into media duties, instead he launched a scathing attack on Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher, calling his challenge on Nani last week a “disgraceful tackle”. Carragher only got a yellow card for the horror show which left Nani with a long gash on his leg and at least three or four weeks on the sideline. It really added injury to injury especially when Liverpool embarrassed United so much on the field as well.

Fergie says it’s time to move on and how good it is that we’re still involved on three major fronts this far into March but I’m struggling to get over the Carragher tackle. It’s not the first time in his long (and not utterly distinguished) career that Carragher has done this to a fellow professional and surely it’s no coincidence that it was a United player, and a pivotal one at that, with so much left for us to play for this season.

I’m sure we all remember Carra the Gangsta’s episode with threatening to get Lucas Neill “done” after Neill broke Carragher’s leg in 2003, does this mean Jamie should be watching out for a crew of tooled up Portugeezers now while he’s out shopping? Of course not but it shows the mark of the man that he thought he a tough guy getting his mates to put the frighteners on Lucas Neill off the pitch.

So yes, Fergie is right. Carragher is a disgrace, so was his “tackle”. An even bigger one is that Nani will now miss several important games for United even if his recovery goes 100% to plan. If that costs us a trophy then a disgrace is the least I’ll be calling it.

4 thoughts on “Fergie’s Right, Carragher Is A Disgrace

  1. While Fergie may be right about Carrager and he probably is, until he complies with the FA to discuss matches with ALL television companies I feel his comments should not be written about or reported. He is every week showing how weak the FA is and also HIS blatent disregard for the laws of the game, which apply to managers as well as players.
    Fergie is for Manchester United and no one else, including the Premiership and football.

  2. What a surprise, a United fan posing as a pseudo hack comes out in favour of Fergie and slates Jamie Carragher. How about getting a neutral POV?

  3. Who said anything about having to have a neutral POV? This site allows writers to have opinions, I don’t hide that I’m a United fan and I won’t be in future either.

    @Don: Fergie either needs to speak to everyone or no-one and the FA need to decide whether they want to allow players and managers the right to an opinion (just like this site!) or if they want some ambiguous claptrap which doesn’t actually say what they mean. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. Danny’s right, we ask our writers to show some opinion on SOTG, for fake “neutral” comment there are plenty of other news sites but we know football fans aren’t neutral when they’re following the game so why try and be neutral when writing about it?

    If any Liverpool fans want to write for us we’ll give them the same freedom as well.

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