Should Spurs Give Berbatov Another Shot?

Anyone who has seen the stats on Spurs’ strikeforce this season will obviously say this is a no brainer, of course a shotshy powderpuff attack could be doing with the Premier League champions’ current Golden Boot winner but, as is always the case in football, there are a few more issues at stake than purely goals scored.

Berbatov may have scored 22 Premier League last season as he helped Untied to a record 19th title but half of them came in three games with two hat-tricks against a struggling Liverpool and eventually relegated Birmingham City and a further five in one magnificient display against Blackburn Rovers. It does bear mentioning that all three games were at Old Trafford as well, only five of the twenty goals came away from the comfort of the Theatre of Dreams where the home advantage of a large crowd and often preferential refereeing help pad out the comfort level of anyone in a red shirt.

Being left out of the Champion’s League final squad and replaced with the perma-crocked Michael Owen was a bitter pill to swallow and has precipitated the latest round of Berbatov Out rumours, even more so than Fergie’s mid-season chuckle at the grumpy demeanour of his £30m man as he sat unimpressed and glum faced on the United bench. Berba has said he watched the game in the dressing room and didn’t actually leave Wembley in a huff but, regardless of where he watched it, the important point is that he didn’t play in it. Owen’s new contract certainly doesn’t help matters at Old Trafford.

The biggest stumbling block to Berbatov’s return to Spurs would obviously be the manner of his departure. Using Spurs as a stepping stone to a side like Manchester United wasn’t invented by the Bulgarian but threatening to strike, disrupting the dressing room and generally acting like a pretentious asshole didn’t go down well with Spurs fans and his reception on his return to White Hart lane with United has shown that memories in N17 are long.

Personally I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over the sight of a smily Bulgarian Judas being shown down the corridors of power at Old Trafford on that deadline day evening and the news that United had thrown us a Frazier Campbell shaped bone to replace him, regardless of the cash Mr. Levy pocketed as well. The taste is sour and has completely destroyed the memories of the classy player Berbatov was in the white shirt.

An upgrade on Coruch/Defoe/Keane and Pav? Without a doubt. Worth a shot now his dream move has turned sour? Not for me I’m afraid. Luckily for those of us in the Against camp, Berbabtov wasn’t in the Rothman’s Football Yearbook 2003 so ‘Arold won’t have heard of him any way…

6 thoughts on “Should Spurs Give Berbatov Another Shot?

  1. I will not get fed up repeating myself when it comes to players who are so selfish. Any player would want to play for a bigger and possibly better team, but the way he sold Spurs and the fans short until he got what he wanted, it’s enough for me. He is a lazy player anyway, and i don’t like players like that. So there you have it! as far as i am concerned, he is not welcome back at Spurs.


  3. Don’t want him back, after the way he left. I doubt his heart would be in it anyway, it would be a humiliating set back for him.

  4. We need his strength and ability to hold up the ball, but we also need workrate and pace which puts him down the pecking order for me. The more I read about Osvaldo and Hulk the more I like these two options. Spurs need to make a big token signing now to silence all the big player leaving speculation which could unsettle our players. Spurs have a real chance next season with 5 key acquisitions – Levy needs to go out and deliver. Players to go get Loach, Kjaer, Sissoko, Hulk, Damiano (60 million for the lot with 30 million raised from sales (Bentley 8, O Hara 5, Hutton 3, Keane 3, Dos Santos 3, Palacious 5, Crouch 7)

  5. Business is business. If we can get berie for 10m and he will come I say go for it. I agree the way he left was bad, but this time we use him. We need world class strikers, If im honest i dont see us attracting a stiker of his class without huge wages or CL footie to offer. As a true Spurs fan I say get him in use him to get in the top 4 then move him on this
    time next year.

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