I’d Leave Modric To Rot Rather Than Sell Him To Chelsea

That didn’t take long now did it? The writing was on the wall from a couple of weeks ago when Luka Modric’s agent and the player himself were supposedly attributed with some mealy mouthed quotes about enjoying life at Tottenham but being prepared to move elsewhere if a suitable offer came in. Now we get direct quotes in the Daily Mail from Modric saying not only does he want to leave but he would like it to be to Chelsea so his family can stay in London. Superb.

I’d allow his family to stay in London but only for the simple reason that if I was Daniel Levy I’d remind Luka that he signed a 6 year contract last season and the money we’d earned from last season’s Champion’s League run would be used to pay his wages for the remaining five years of that whether he pulled on a Spurs jersey and did what he agreed to or if he sat in his luxury house and looked at four walls for the duration.

The ungrateful little shit. Spurs brought him in for a record fee, took a chance even though the other “big” English clubs all thought he was too lightweight for the Premier League and then after one decent season he decides he wants to take his ball home and go for Roman’s megabucks? I don’t think so. We may not want unhappy players but we can not be held to ransom by mercenaries either.

I don’t expect loyalty from these players who we all know are really only there for the pay cheque, yes they may enjoy the game and it’s certainly a better job than cleaning chimneys or going down the mines but ultimately it’s the money that talks for them and a contract is only a tool for them to get more security for themselves. Modric’s antics this morning make it clear what he thinks of the commitment he made to THFC last season.

Now Daniel Levy has a choice, issue a statement saying Modric is not available at any price and stick to his guns even if the player goes on strike, letting him rot if needs be, making a stand for the integrity of our club and the wishes of the fans who really own it and are it’s life blood. Or he can do his usual, pull down his pants and bend over when a few quid is flashed in his face and hope Roman or Fergie or the Sheikh or whoever brings the largest holdall of cash is feeling generous and gives him a reacharound while he shafts him and Spurs while they’re at it.

Decision time Daniel. Are we a feeder club for the so-called “big” clubs or do you actually have the balls to show that we mean business? The world is watching but, most importantly, Tottenham fans are watching, this is your Waterloo, we need a Wellington, not a Napolean.

30 thoughts on “I’d Leave Modric To Rot Rather Than Sell Him To Chelsea

  1. seems chelsea are trying to get him on the cheap
    id sell him but only if we get a minimum of 35 million
    any less tell them t f off

  2. Sell him re invest the money, like we did when bought him, find a modric with goals(ganso from santos or tiago from barça for example). It hurts to say but we are top of the second tier of prem clubs, until we join the top tier (we blew our chance but not investing heavily with cl football last year) then they will always pick off our best players.

  3. @jink jimmy: the problem is you can never rise out of that second tier if you keep selling your best players to Chelsea or United or whoever throws Levy a few quid. I don’t trust Harry and Levy to reinvest the money either, Harry’ll want to bring in Beckham and Phil Neville and Levy won’t sanction any decent signings, see last summer when we were crying out for a quality striker and he decided to hoard the Champion’s League money instead.

    • I fully understand your points, i just dont feel that letting luka rot on the bench (even though satisfying after his comments) would be in our best interests, Futhermore my anger is vented much more in the direction of levy and redknapp, when luka signed i presume that he (as did many of us) thought we were going places only to be shown by our lack of transfer activity that this was not the case so now he wants do one.
      If were not top 4 next year expect to see the arse end of bale and vdv as well!!

  4. Levy should tell Modric to honour his contract for one more year giving Spurs the chance to show their intent. This is the first season after playing CL football so Levy must have money to spend, he should show the intent by bringing in some world class players (i’m sure he’s trying). Tell Modric if Spurs can’t offer CL foootball after this season then they’ll listen to offers then. Spurs just need to hold the team together and for the main players to stay and show loyalty for one more season to break the vicious cycle of selling then rebuilding.

    But if it’s going to be the case that Modric goes, Levy get 40mil-50mil for him and make his next suiter pay through the nose!

  5. There are now six clubs with realistic Champions League expectations. Two of them won’t make it every season. Are those two clubs going to lose their best players every season?

    Though I don’t see the media agitating for Liverpool’s best players to leave and they aren’t in Europe at all.

    It’s line-in-the-sand time. If we let Luka go the next story will be Bale not wanting to stay because Modric has gone. Then Vdv. Etc.

    • I make you right, but for me there are 2 solutions either sell him or do what wenger has done with fibreglass tell him he´s staying and thats that. I dont see how letting him rot will benfit spurs in anyway.

    • I should add that if the two clubs that don’t make the CL lose their best players to the four that do make then you don’t have six clubs with CL expectations any more, just four again. And everything becomes nice and predictable again.

  6. yawn. Aggy Spurs fans thinking they are better than they are .. you will not finish in the top 4 in the foreseeable future. you are shit.

  7. My initial reaction was one of anger, but let’s face it, most people today live for money and are always seeking to accrue more of the stuff irrespective of loyalty or other factors. It’s symptomatic of our greedy decadent Western lives.

    From our point of view, we’d all gradually pull on the lilywhite and blue for nothing…but we are not professional footballers, it is not our job. Most importantly for me, Luka has never claimed to have supported Spurs since being a young boy – he’s not from N17 – he’s from Croatia for crying out loud! Sol Campbell’s defection was different; he was a Spurs man who committed the ultimate act of betrayal and hence should always be abused accordingly.

    Why is it that multimillionaires keep striving to earn more money, whatever the industry? It’s because money is alluring – we want to keep earning more of it, wanting to be better off than the Jones’ next door, even if they happen to live in a 10-bedroom mansion. Greed is self-perpetuating, it is about being ‘better’ than everybody else.

    The only things I can accuse Luka of, is, as the writer of the article excellently points out, that it is poor form requesting to leave after we took such a massive gamble on him and after having signed a new contract. And his words about ‘loving’ us fans are of course sickeningly hollow. Love is an overused word in football.

    However, him wanting to be able to remain in London for the sake of his family is perfectly understandable in my opinion. We’d all put our family first for our jobs, so why cannot he?
    Now, where do we go from here? As the author points out, we could say ‘not for sale’ at any cost; Luka is a good professional and would likely still do a great job for the team next season, but he will be pissed off, and do we want pissed off people in the dressing room and all the negative vibes this gives off?

    My preferred option would be for Levy to break the mould and make a strong statement such as this: “Luka Modric is a young central midfielder of undoubted world class, and, as such, any team who wants him must pay the price for this quality. In the context of players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kaka and Torres £50 million pounds and over, we will not consider any bids for Luka Modric of less than this price and he will remain a Tottenham player if no such bid is received. Put simply, we will only accept bids of £50 million pounds, otherwise, Luka will remain a Tottenham player.”

    Yes, Modric is world-class and irreplaceable, but with £50 million, we could sign the world class striker we need. We’ve still got a lot of quality. Would a player such as Scott Parker really be that massive a step down, just for the one season we need to get back into the Champion’s League? We’ve got decent goalkeepers, a good to very good defence, with Kyle Walker to slot in at right back. Bale on the left with Benoit behind him, Sandro the enforcer, Lennon bombing down the right, VdV pulling the strings, playing to a higher level now he has adjusted to the English game. There is still so much hope fellow Spurs fans.

    Keep the faith.

  8. From a business point, we should take the best offer. But I like other fans are fed up with our club being shafted. Either sell him abroad, or loan him out to Accrington Stanley.

  9. £75m or do a Craig Bellamy. The alternative is putting a sign above the door saying ‘THFC Recruitment Academy’. No way to build a side.

  10. Get in Levy! Now we have to stick by it and next press story is an immediate report to the FA. Good stuff.

  11. Well done Levy. Now text Modric and his agents (after reading the papers this week he apparently has about 42 of them) and tell them in no uncertain terms to to shut the f””k up as the matter is closed

  12. Much as I hate to say it,Modric should be playing in the C/L.We cant give him that.So let him go for the best deal the club can negociate.Unfortunately Levy takes forever to do a deal So I expect this one will drag on for weeks.We dont want another Berbatov scenario.Get your finger out Levy cut a deal and get a replacement in, like now, along with a least one top striker.I dont want to be seeing that we have bought Joe Cole to place Luka.

  13. Yeah, get in Levy. I so hope it sticks the whole transfer window! That will be real advancements as a club in my opinion.

  14. Good strong statement from Mr. Levy, now he waits to see if Luka hands in a transfer request (which he can refuse, of course) and stick to his guns.

    A good start though, now he needs to follow it through and not use it as a bargaining tool to get an extra £500k out of Roman’s moneyclip.

  15. Great article! Every supporter and fan who do not follow the ELITE should wake up fast and think about what your doing with your money in these times of hardship.The premier league is a Farse! Look at the stats who wins the prem every year and the remaining three or four who are there behind licking there lips every year, is this a fair? Every paper,TV network and radio station who report football is all geared to feeding the elite and make sure the elite stay there at the top, and then criticize all the other clubs that they are not ambitious!(yeah right). Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every season one from 15 teams say had a real chance of winning the league how real and exciting that would be. But no it’s not going to be is it? I will not dance to the tune any more! I have supported and been a fan since 1977 but the buck stops here. Maybe I will look elsewhere, where the teams who finish low in their leagues at the end of the season have first choice the following year have first choice to sign the best up and coming players. Look at the stats who has won the World Series or the NFL? I love football but its a farse and corrupt and greed is rife in our Prem. Im not loyal some may say, but where is the loyalty in football anymore? Stop feeding the machine I say, then lets see what happens.

  16. If we had moved quickly to make some big signings it may have convinced Modric that we were going to make a serious challenge for the Premiership 2011/12. We messed about in January missing out on this one and that one. It’s all happening again with derisory offers for a stack of players. We’ve signed a 40 year old on a free. That signifies to Modric, our lack of ambition. The chairman’s statement is heartening. He should now talk to Modric and excite him into staying at Spurs by convincing him that we are going to sign some star players and go for the title and at least Champions League for next season. If Luka goes then the vultures will start on Bale and we will have to re-build yet again.

  17. there are two ways to go with this. one, the way levy has, he is going nowhere etc and risk pissing him off and having the berbatov sulk, although i dont think modric will. or there is the way that frankly arsenal have done it with fabregas, and done very well; ie out of the press and a lot of talking privately so no one paints themselves into a corner. i am quite sure fabregas has been prioavtely told you aint going anywhere and so he has moderated his language so he does not lose face. all this crap in the press with levy contradicting his star player in the public arena leaves one of them looking silly. i know we are a public club but this is not needed. this statement should have been made to modric somehow earlier on, ideally before everyone went away for the summer, privately but forcefully and clearly.
    the real issue i have with modric is this idea that he picks the club, if man city offer ten mill more than chelsea that is where he goes if he goes anywhere

  18. well i hope mr levy sticks to his guns this time but it would help if the club went out n signed some players! This whole situation basically is the fault of the club. We’ve always spent money and yet the one time investment was needed when we made the top 4 last yr,we sat on our arses!!! Luka though has disgraced himself with his bollocks n i personally feel he should b sat down n told u aint goin anywhere u happily signed a new deal less than a year ago n u can achieve all ur ambitions at this club. Then we need to go out n sign the players to push us to that next level, it really is up to us we’re either big boys or we’re not!!

  19. I hope Levy sticks to his guns and doesn’t sell Modric. Sick of seeing the “big” clubs cherry pick everyone’s best players.

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