I Hate The Transfer Window

There is no part of the season I hate more than the transfer windows. There is literally nothing I like about it from newspapers, to bullsh*t from the players all the way to ridiculous rumours… as you will find out.

Clubs endlessly linked with players who can’t give a straight answer and just tell us agitated fans whether they want to play for us or not. Why is it always “I want to play for enter team but who knows what the future may bring”? I mean for the love of God footballers are becoming worse than politicians at answering questions with an honest reply.

The ‘Modric to every club who can pay more wages than Spurs’ transfer has actually gone beyond a joke. It’s like he’s linked with a move every day for £20 million. Seriously? Get real. If Andy Carroll is worth £35 million as a promising player, then Modric must be worth double because of the proven class pedigree he would bring to any team. Never mind all that, Spurs have come out and said Modric won’t be sold. But of course the papers choose to ignore this and instead run with stories that are purely fabricated and might sell a few more copies.

Then there’s the ‘have we linked anyone to Man City today?’ transfers. They’re always quite funny. I’m sure even Man City fans are getting pretty fed up with being linked to any Tom Dick and Harry that has gotten himself a decent reputation around Europe. Mancini clearly has a vision in mind of the team and squad he wants. Though apparently, City want to stockpile all the talent in Europe just to stifle their opponents for honours. If the papers had it their way, it’d actually happen just so they could say they were right.

Of course we wouldn’t have a transfer window without the ‘Abramovich to splash the cash for European glory’ stories. It seems every year that Chelsea don’t win the Champions League, Abramovich wants to spend money to get himself that trophy he so desperately wants.  Well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it, that a billionaire would spend as much money as it took to get what he wants? And yet year after year its reported as though its a breaking news story. Abramovich spending money? Stop it…

Next up is the Arsenal bashing ‘Wenger is an arrogant stuck up nonce who won’t spend money on proven stars’ nonsense. Everyone knows Wenger is thinking long-term about Arsenal. He has for years. But now he has to even more, given the clubs debts paying for that new stadium. I understand people’s frustration at Wenger not just going out and buying a class player and actually winning something but do we need to hear it every single transfer window. “Oh look at all your rivals spending money and Arsenal aren’t”. In fairness to Arsenal they’ve kept up relatively well given how much less they’ve spent over the years.

I honestly don’t know how Sunderland fans live during the transfer windows. Steve Bruce gets linked with every Man Utd cast-off going. I just sit there astounded that Steve Bruce loves signing players who won’t take Sunderland any further than mid-table. Gibson is not good enough, Wes Brown is past it and John O’Shea may be a jack of all trades but my god is he average at all of them. Reliable at best is John. Not to mention the link with Crouch. I bet Sunderland fans are drooling at the prospect of replacing goal machine Darren Bent with plan B Peter Crouch.

Where would a transfer window be without Ferguson poaching other people’s talent and knocking out the competition. David De Gea. Reports from Spain would suggest this guy is the real deal. A proper long-term replacement for Van Der Sar. Good signing. Phil Jones from Blackburn. Big strapping centre back in the Vidic mould.  Good signing. Ashley Young. He’s earnt that transfer because over the past few years Young has shown huge improvement in his game and deserves his chance at the top club in the country. But then Ferguson does all that back-handed nasty stuff too. Enquiry’s about Nasri. Out of order. Knocking out the competition by signing them or at least unsettling his rivals’ best players. He’s done it before with Berbatov and I’m sure it won’t be the last time neither. And of course the endless links to Luka Modric. Again poaching the best from up and coming teams to knock out the competition early. Some would say clever. Me? I’d say unethical.

There are just a few reasons I loathe the transfer windows so much. If you do not agree I’ll be posting a “Why I love the Transfer Window” article soon. For those that agree, feel free to add reasons why you hate the transfer window so much.

Sooner it’s over, the better…