Redknapp is Being Unfair to Defoe

If there is a striker that I still rate in the English Premier League, Jermain Defoe is that striker. He can be prolific in front of goal and has scored crucial goals for both club and country. Last season, there was a period when he was confined to the bench at Spurs and this season he has had some regular game time and his manager Harry Redknapp even commended him for his improved form. Defoe’s improvement has been attributed to the help he got from the French fitness specialist who was recommended to him by Ian Wright. He took that initiative in order to help himself revive both his club and England career and time will tell if it has been a success.

What went wrong for Defoe that saw him be restricted in game time for Spurs – something that continues to jeopardise his England career? Why has Harry not been using Defoe as often when we all know that he can be score goals when he is on song? At times, I am tempted to think that there is a Mancini-Tevez type of relationship between Harry and Defoe even though I have not heard Defoe asking for a move away from Spurs (despite media rumours of him moving away with Arsenal reportedly interested in signing him). I Am sure the usual “top four” teams would love to have a player like Defoe scoring goals for them because he clearly has an eye for goal.

One interesting comment I heard Redknapp say to the media was that he was worried by being haunted by a returning Defoe if he were sold. So is Defoe unwanted at Spurs, but only kept around to prevent him “haunting” them? If not, and he is wanted, why then is Harry not doing enough to make sure that Defoe consistently maintains his place in the England team by playing him regularly? Giving him game time and him failing to deliver is one thing, but picking players like Pavlyuchenko or van der Vaart who are sometimes dismal ahead of him is unfair to Defoe.

On current form, I must admit Emmanuel Adebayor offers something that has helped Spurs win games and picking him ahead of Defoe might not raise any eyebrows but some of these other players who have preferred in place of Defoe do not deserve to be in the starting line up. Defoe is an experienced player who still has a lot to offer for both Spurs and England and deserves to play regularly – unless there are issues that we are not privy to between manager and player at Spurs. Definitely lack of form is not the reason why Defoe is not first choice and he must fear that lack of club opportunities could harm his international career.

8 thoughts on “Redknapp is Being Unfair to Defoe

  1. “Why has Harry not been using Defoe as often” 20110/11 season 22 Lge games – 4 goals, there is your answer!!

  2. What a load of rubbish, defoe is not a great player!
    we sold him 3 years ago when we aiming for uefa cup places but now he’s back somehow he’s good enough for a team chasing the champions league??? it doesn’t add up.
    fair play to him he can occasionally create a goal from nothing (eg newcastle) but on the whole, he creates nothing, doesn’t offer anything in terms of hold up player or a target up top and also, when he is laid up, he squanders chances (all this about him being clinical is nonsense! he should have scored a second against newcastle and missed an open goal against liverpool!!)

    hopefully we sign doumbia (or another striker) in january so we can have 2 good strikers who we can rely on

  3. What utter drivel – can believe I wasted my time reading such a poor uninformed piece.

    if Defoe is so good – why have no decent teams ever tried to sign him?
    He has a scoring rate of 1 in 3 for England – that’s worse than Peter Crouch.
    He’s a flat track bully and only really scores against weaker teams.
    He was injured for most of last season – even he has said his improved form is due to not being injured!
    Pav hasn’t started a single PL game whilst Defoe has. He’s also played as much as VDV.

    Defoe is good but not World class. A team with him as their main striker would struggle to finish top 6

    He’s behind, Drogba, Anelka, Rooney, Hernandez, Berbatov, Aguero, Tevez, Dzecko,Van Persie, Torress, Suarez and probably a few more up and coming English players like Wellbeck and Sturridge.

  4. Have a look at VDV’s goals and assists records, his performances in the big games in the derbies, win at Anfield etc, and the fact he was shortlisted for PFA player of the year in his first season in England and explain what’s so dismal about him being picked ahead of JD?

  5. Push it to the side, hit it hard. I think Defoe’s strategy to scoring goals was worked out by decent defenders quite a while ago so he’ll do as fourth choice or as an impact sub late in the game but even for 60 minutes Rafa has to start in place of him.

  6. Fair enough then if he is that bad, why not sell him? Harry said that he is afraid he may come back to haunt him if he is sold, that sounds unfair to me especially if the player still wants to play regularly and who knows, if he still has ambitions to play for England.

  7. i think harry plays vdv ahead of defoe because vdv moans about not being selected and defoe does not make such a fuss about it. I think harry should use defoe as a right winger because lennon is not playing well at the moment and im sure defoe could do a job there and get in up front to score goals , harry played vdv in that role he should give defoe a chance then im sure everyone will be happy.

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