It’s Good for the Goose not for the Gander

Luis Suarez, the shoulder biting South American goal machine has been charged by the FA (who now speak Spanish, it would seem) for racist remarks against Patrice Evra. Let me first state that racism is not only not acceptable in football but in any walk of life today. Society has come a long way since the days of racist, bigots and hooligans. So its use in the multicultural game that we love is just a joke.

Liverpool, one of the proudest clubs in England, should never condone such remarks by any of their players. But if I am honest, I’m a little confused at this moment.

A certain player, playing for a London club (cough John Terry) was seen on footage seemingly using an obscene racist remark. A complaint was also made against him by fans in the ground who heard the remark…but yet…the player is still awaiting charges.

So let’s get this straight: Evra claims Suarez racially abused him. This is the same Evra who lied about a Chelsea official racially abusing him as well, and therefore was fined by the FA and charged. Now, I am not saying Evra is lying. Not at all. If Suarez did in fact racially abuse him (in Spanish or Mongolian or any other language) it is unacceptable. And he must be punished.

My point is this – I remember watching the American Comedian Chris Rock once make a joke about 2Pac Shakur. He said “you’re telling me they can’t find the guy who shot 2Pac on the Las Vegas strip, with thousands of witness and CCTV, but they can find Sudam Hussein in a hole in the desert in Iraq?”

All of the evidence is against John Terry. Yet, the FA still are having an equiry as well as the police inquiry and interviewing every man and his dog in relation to it. By the time they are finished JT maybe retired!

I’m just stating the facts here….

2 thoughts on “It’s Good for the Goose not for the Gander

  1. get your facts right imp.1
    1. Evra, never made a complaint against the Chelsea official. you are obviously referring to comments made by Mike Phelan, the united assistant manager.
    2. The John Terry incident happened a few weeks ago. the FA is simply following protocol by conducting investigations before charging him, as they did with Suarez, remember the complaints were made 7 weeks ago yet he was only formally charged on Friday.
    3. you are obviously a disillusioned Liverpool fan trying to lay th blame for your clubs failure despite spending huge amounts of money on favoritism. how many times has $tevie Mbe got away with diving?
    4. Liverpool have been a disgrace, going on a media campaign to discredit Evra as a liar only for it to emerge that Suarez actually called him Negrito.
    5. Suarez’s argument that he thought the term wasn’t offensive does not hold since he continued using it even after Evra had evidently expressed his displeasure.
    6. i hope Suarez’s looming 8 month ban comes after Liverpool have played Shitty.

  2. To the manure fan commenting, why don’t you just fuck off you muggy little cunt! No one cares what you have to say and what you did say was pathetic and I can’t even be bothered to address your childish points! Just one thing, if you want to talk about diving then first have a look at Rooney and Young! Oh and Nani, Park, Evra, and almost any other manure player. Plus Ronaldo when he was there. Haven’t looked for a while, but there used to be loads of youtube videos of Rooney diving!
    Anyway fuck off and hopefully die by the end of the day you jumped up wanker!

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