‘Capello Has a Bright Future as England Manager’ Reads Headline of Article I Wrote Yesterday

Well that’s just great, isn’t it? Just as soon as I put the finishing touches to my article about Fabio Capello being the current England manager, the bloke goes and undoes all my hard work by quitting.

My mouse was actually hovering over the ‘publish’ button as I noticed references to him appear on Twitter. Something about him not being the England manager, the exact opposite to what my article claimed he was. Something very inconvenient indeed.

I had thought for a moment that I may as well publish it anyway. I’d put so much effort into it that I was more than a little reluctant to give up on it.

What do you do when you’re nearly finished writing an article insisting that a person is the England manager when that same person turns around, says “You know what? I’m now not England manager” and then toddles off to not be England manager as he pleases?

I don’t actually think I can salvage any of what I’d written and this is a shame because some of the words were very good indeed. Some of them were so brilliant that I think they would have won awards had they been published. I’d actually managed to finally use the word ‘callipygian’, not that it matters now.

Nope, all of these excellent words are now useless because of Capello and what he’s done, or more specifically, what he’d not doing anymore.

So Capello, think you can not do what ever you are doing now for long enough to allow this article to be right for a few hours at least? Pretty please…