Liverpool FC: ‘You Ain’t Got No Alibi…’

Given we’re talking about a team that contains players such as Craig ‘Poison Gnome’ Bellamy, Jay ‘Mini Boglin’ Spearing, Andy ‘Crystal Meth Pirate’ Carroll, Charlie ‘Dickensian Tramp’ Adam, Jonjo ‘Lord Voldemort’ Shelvey and Martin ‘Dear Christ is that even human?!’ Skrtel; I think it’s entirely fair to call Liverpool ‘ugly’.

In this context I’m not talking however about the questionable aesthetics of the current Liverpool players – but my word they’ve fallen a fair way since the Spice Boys era – no, today I’m referring to Liverpool as ugly for a far more serious reason.

A great football club, one of the most famous and (for want of a better term) best football clubs in the world has spent the past few months conspiring one way or the other to send it’s own reputation into the gutter. It all began of course with Patrice Evra’s allegations of racial abuse from Luis Suarez in October’s Premier League snooze-fest. I’m not going to get into the interminable and undignified shitstorm that has dominated the Internet chatrooms and comment pages for far too long, so I have no interest in discussing the original incident. (I will say this – fan myopia is getting out of hand). What I do want to reflect on however is the resultant action from Liverpool Football Club, action which I believe has been ugly, damaging, undignified and just plain wrong.

The cryptic press conferences from Kenny Dalglish, the statement besmirching Evra, the agonisingly ill-advised Suarez T-shirts…these can all perhaps be accepted on the grounds that they were standing by their man whom they believed had been wrongly accused. Personally, I can’t accept them though.

Liverpool FC are a massively influential company/brand. They have a responsibility to act in a morally upstanding and decent way – their players and manager are role models – not just for kids but for plenty of adults who through blind loyalty will follow them and act accordingly. It’s not one bloke sticking up for his mate down the pub, it’s a global brand and their PR bloke has not had the best few months. The racist idiots at Anfield who first racially abused Tom Adeyemi of Oldham and then got caught on Twitter making monkey gestures at Evra: the actions of Liverpool have directly contributed to those disgusting events. The people involved are clearly moronic scum, but the club created an atmosphere in their simple minds where that was acceptable and encouraged as a way to behave.

They could easily have stood by Suarez but just done it behind closed doors. Simply say to him – look, we believe you mate, and we’re all with you, but we have to play the game here and that’s how it is. To take it out in the open has dragged this situation out and escalated it to a dangerous level. Luis Suarez’s refusal to shake Patrice Evra’s hand is a perfect example of this ill-advised approach. He should have been under direct orders to shake the man’s hand – the man who he racially abused, lest we forget (you may not agree that he did but I’m simply going by the FA verdict). You don’t have to hug him like a long lost friend and invite him round your house for dinner, just walk past and extend your hand, it’s not hard. We know the two do not like each other, and the handshake ritual is pretty pointless, and he is a grown man entitled to make his own decisions – but with the inevitably incendiary nature of the omission, surely we can all agree it would be far better to just get it done.

In light of the subsequent apologies from Suarez and, even more damagingly in my view, Kenny Dalglish, it is apparent that the people who run this great club have seen enough. Apparently the owners, John Henry and his Fenway Sports Group, have read the riot act to them and I like that. These guys are not stupid, this is an investment for them and they can see the value of their investment crashing and burning before their eyes at this rate and action was needed urgently. In fairness it does seem that the club had also been misled by Suarez who claimed he was going to shake Evra’s hand, and surely now they will act in a manner more befitting of such an influential and historic institution.

I’ll be honest, in spite of how this may read, I really do like Liverpool. They are surely better than the way they have been conducting themselves of late, and I am certain that with the apologies and acceptance from United (far from blameless themselves) this ugly episode can be consigned to the past. A focus and improvement on on-pitch matters is needed, alongside the restoration of their reputation.

Once the reputation does get cleaned up, next step surely has to be some better looking players. I mean please, just one or two, they don’t even have to be Beckhams but in this modern age of HD, it just isn’t right…

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  1. Lots of articles still coming out of the media about it being time to get past the non-hand shake etc. but when will the media stop the articles so it shows it really wants this to be behind us all?

  2. no its not liverpool its idiots like you why comment on things you dont understand have u even read the fa report [i dont think so ] that was a joke and go on you tube and look at the handshake when evra withdrew his hand because liverpool said sorry doesnt make evra right,i think suarez should of stood and not moved till the hand shake was done but evra pulled his hand back what your problem is you look at it from one side try being fair and except evra was wrong as well or are you not a man and look at evra as mr perfect[if you do your living in a fantacy world like the gutter press] so grow up and look the way it is

  3. are you one of the people who were at the two matches that didnt report anythink about man u fans singing about hillsbourgh take it because u didnt report on it you think thats ok as well.

  4. Good article Chris and some absolute nonsense here. Ken, please stop playing the victim card, it’s incredibly tiresome and the accusations of Evra pulling his hand back are ludicrous. Absolute lunacy. While I think we should all move on, as shown in my last article, Chris makes an excellent point in how Liverpool’s reputation has undoubtedly been damaged. That is plain for all to see.

  5. Liverppol fans should look for the video that says
    this, Keane and Viera fight in the tunnel,WE have video proof of both Keane and Scholes refusing to shake Patrick Vieira’s hand before the match, I guess he say a different tune that day? or did he believe those two should never have played for Manchester United again?
    So Sir Alex, worry about your own club and their actions before you worry about our’s.
    YNWA Luis Suarez.
    Tthe video can bee found on the AnfieldRed

    Why is this not being used in any newspaper , or is Manu whiter than white are they scared of offending fergy , but they have torn liverpol apart over Evra and Saurez so it is time the world got to know just what Manu are like, not angels but devils

  6. Good article and noted you are a neutral who likes Liverpool, but let me offer a view from another aspect not seen by many in my reading through most of the websites on this issue.

    First of all,You got to be joking! look carefully which team is uglier mate , Nani is the most beautiful of them all, Rooney the Shrek is even more beautiful, Rio looks like the P Star of M O C fame, Evra the theatrics got such a lovely likeable mug that only those who “worshiped” what he represented for will appreciate.

    If you look at the root of the whole episode from an angle not approached at all by the main stream PRESS, it all started from the theatrics of Evra provoking Suarez. Well having such a short fuse he reacted stupidly. After this the game of wit and revenge started by Evra on Suarez (and also on LFC fans who booed him during Mancs F A Cup defeat caused by his slip up), started…

    If you really looked closely, Evra extended his hand barely pass his hips to test the waters and in that split second he knows he’s onto “something good” and had Evra not grabbed Suarez’s hand it would not have been blown out of proportion. But again, being short fused, Suarez “took the bait”, that is his shortcoming and he turned back on his word to Dalglish.

    Now the famous Purple Nose who live this life just to knock Liverpool of the “Effing” Perch gleefully took the situation to try and get rid of Suarez who incidently nutmegged the whole of Mancs defence last year at old Trafford.

    Based on the moral high ground preached by the sly Devil himself (u noticed Mancs insignia they carried on their heart, he said Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool. Thats like Lucifer saying to God, Adam is a disgrace for eating that Apple and got to be thrown out of heaven. Who baited Suarez into all this? knowing his fallibility.

    Incidently, Sir Purple Nose playing staff are all so infallible unlike Suarez of course,Eric Cantona known as their God, Kung Fu kicked a spectator, Ryan Giggs had 8 yrs incest with his Sister in law , Rooney and his prostitutes frequenting antics , Roy (the leg breaker) Keane who ended a player’s career are NOT a disgrace to Manchester United.

    I know my comments may be out of synch with your article a bit but I am trying to show an even “UGLIER” side to the whole issue that you might not have noticed..Liverpool without realizing played into the hands of the sly Devils whose only interest is their downfall. Kenny Dalglish being 20 years out of the game shows ring rustiness from this aspect.

  7. evra didnt withdraw his hand and the fa report was fair [only one person playing the victim,i am from a mixed race family i have read the report if racism was the point i have forgot more than you will ever no, if the report was fair that would help but the media have made it man u v liverpool with them backing man u and if you realy think evra put his hand out and wasnt playing a game then u shouldnt comment.

  8. just one last thing you never mentioned if you thought it was ok to sing about hillsbourgh,i rang merseyside police about it and was told they new about if but what could they do when there was thousands singing,you can ring them to confirm what i have said

    • What the hell are you talking about? I should ring Merseyside police to ‘confirm’ what you said? Of course I don’t think those chants are acceptable, they are awful and drenched in vulagrity and should never be uttered, although you have to remember Liverpool fans chant against Munich. Anyway this isn’t an argument over whose chants are the worst; if you honestly think Evra is the one who has withdrawn his hand then you are wrong. The guy wanted to shake Suarez’ hand and Suarez childishly rejected it, which only served to blow up the unsavoury situation again. I fully agree with the article Chris has written – Liverpool’s reputation has taken a battering from their myopia and certain comments.

      • try getting all heads out of fergie arse for once and read the full fa report then do a honest article on it im not saying suarez is perfect but thats what you are saying about evra,all liverpool fans want is a honest article just one.will you do it probably not as its easier to back evra than put a bit of time and effort in

  9. Ken, firstly actual English may make your directionless splurges more readable.

    Both sets of fans misbehaved – Liverpool fans were singing of Muncih, and some of the Mancherter United fans were indeed singing of Hillsborough – condemable actions from both sets.

    Patrice Evra is not blameless in this episode. That being said Luis Suarez was found (and indeed admitted) to using a racial slur, in what can be construed to be a derogatory manner.

    What should have happened at this point was an apology from Luis Suarez and Liverpool, take a 3-4 game ban on the chin and move on.

    Instead Kenny/Liverpool decided to play the victim card, taking a “pro racsim” stance, utterly unforgiveable regardless of how innocent they deemed Luis Suarez.

    All this aside – Suarez did not try to shake Evra’s hand, and you’ll notice that may experts in the media have rejected the conspiracy theory that it was Evra that was attempting to dodge the token reconcilliation. This was his opportunity to show the world that he is not in fact a racist, and to show that the entire mess was behind him. Kenny’s post match conference did not help either, showing a paranoid, out of touch manager who is no longer able to take a considered view of things.

    Regardless of what you may thnk, to many, many neutrals – of which I am one, being a life long Spurs fan (although at the Man Utd game on sat as the Mrs is a Manc), Liverpool have severely damaged their reputation. You only need to look at the response of Standard Charted to see the truth of this.

  10. one of the first things evra said in his words,i told the ref he called me black then later in the report he said he didnt no it meant black,this is one thing of man yet not one paper picked up on any of them,that is why liverpool fans think they only read the end of the report,can explain why they didnt if we are plying the victim card and you are not playing the racist card,or discriminating against suarez.

  11. Manu are a racist teamLiverppol fans should look a for the video that says
    this, Keane and Viera fight in the tunnel,WE have video proof of both Keane and Scholes refusing to shake Patrick Vieira’s hand before the match, I guess he say a different tune that day? or did he believe those two should never have played for Manchester United again?
    So Sir Alex, worry about your own club and their actions before you worry about our’s.
    YNWA Luis Suarez.
    Tthe video can bee found on the AnfieldRed


  12. The press had a field day making Saurez the villian , Evra used the same tactic last weekend the poor me card or the im the one that is in the right card or see he is racist, Saurez cant win, the fans stand behind him saurez, if someone got you suspended from work for 8 days or 8 weeks would anyone reading this shake that persons hand I dont think they would. Luis Saurez ywna

  13. We will not let this go. Take it on the chin for the short term, but get this lying, sick barstewards back when the time is right.
    Revenge is best serve cold
    We can start by winning the Carling Cup and the FA Cup as Utd wont win anything this season.
    We have to prove that liars and cheats never prosper (unless your Man Utd of coarse).

  14. “You don’t have to hug him like a long
    lost friend and invite him round your
    house for dinner, just walk past and
    extend your hand, it’s not hard.”
    Yes, it is VERY HARD. Especially, if you are someone who wears his heart in his sleeve, like Suarez does. If he felt that what he didn’t do was twisted in the eyes of the world, especially because of the word of just one man, it should make him hopping mad, at least it would make me so. Enough, to not even shake that man’s hand, for whatever reason.

  15. Thanks all for the feedback/comments. In the article I was trying not to focus on the ins/outs of the whole saga – who was right or wrong, who extended a hand or didn’t – more the point I wanted to make was that regardless of the true facts (or your interpretation of them), in my own opinion Liverpool FC as a football club have not handled it in the best way. I appreciate that we can all view these things in different ways, but that’s the beauty of it surely?! Cheers.

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