‘Hodgson the best man for the job’ state FA, confirming Redknapp as their favourite for England manager

The FA have confirmed today that Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is their preferred choice for England manager after holding a “positive” four hour meeting with Roy Hodgson at Wembley on Monday.

Confirming their interest in the Tottenham boss, the FA has said that Hodgson is the only person they’ve approached.

Media speculation has been rife over the past few weeks as to who the next England manager will be with Redknapp enjoying widespread support amongst fans and football players alike.

“Redknapp’s got the track record and the drive – he’s the man for England” said one excited supporter waiting outside the FA’s headquarters hoping to catch a glimpse of Hodgson arriving for the talks.

Hodgson had said shortly before the FA’s move that he’d be “delighted” to manage England, instantly prompting Tottenham to start the search for a new boss.

The FA have stated that Redknapp is especially qualified to lead England as Hodgson has been in charge of eighteen teams, both nationally and internationally, including time spent at Inter Milan.

Hodgson’s contract with West Brom ends on June 30th.


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