McLeish: ‘Can Someone Forward My Mail?’

Well, things didn’t work out quite the way I hoped. Not enough goals scored for us, a few too many scored against and bang – I get the sack. It’s not what any of us wanted, I don’t want to dwell but there’s one thing that’s really bugging me about the whole thing.

Can one of the office girls forward on my mail for me?

I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing, issue is I’m having a bit of a nightmare getting my Love Film subscription updated and I know I’m only going to get fined if the copy of ‘The Damned United’ I ordered ends up sitting on my old desk at Villa Park for months.

Come to think of it, the Love Film subscription probably isn’t my biggest problem.

British Gas is going to be the killer. I’ve taken a final meter reading (or rather the ground’s maintenance guys did) but have you tried to get through to their customer service department on the phone? It’s a joke! Press 1, then 4, then 2, then hold for ten minutes – it’s going to take forever to actually talk to a human and let them know I’ve moved out.

Then there’s the companies I’ve probably forgotten about all together. You know the mail you only get once every six months – the ‘Friends of Birmingham Children’s Hospital’ newsletter and the like? I’m not that bothered but don’t mind leafing through – forward them on for me, will you?

Christmas cards will probably be another issue so you may want to pin a Post-It with my new address to the noticeboard – come the festive period I’m sure you’re going to need it!

Or not…

Anyway, I think that’s all I need to say right now. Everything else should be sorted – the council know I’m moving, I’ve had the pie ovens cleaned and there are no signs of mould in the players’ showers. Good luck with the new guy and it was nice knowing you!