Joe Allen: Xabi’s Replacement or Another Kop Flop?

In recent years, Liverpool’s transfers have brought embarrassment to Merseyside. Average players being bought for inflated prices has not gone down well with everyone connected to the club. As a result, Damien Comolli was sacked, the man who dealt with the occurrences in the transfer market. Since Brendan Rodgers took the reigns of the sinking ship, his intent is to bring attractive football and success to what was once was a big club. The intent of Rodgers can be seen in one of his transfer targets – Joe Allen. Someone he knows well due to his time as Swansea manager.

Rodgers’ intent to sign someone like Allen is a smart one. Liverpool have drastically missed someone who can dictate the tempo of the game from a deep position since Xabi Alonso departed for Real Madrid. Previous Liverpool managers have been unsuccessful in trying to fill Alonso’s shoes. Benitez brought in an injury-prone Italian midfielder, Alberto Aquilani. However the attempts to play him deep proved unsuccessful as he proved he could play better in an attacking position. Hodgson drafted in Danish midfielder Christian Poulsen, however he proved to be a poor signing. Dalglish used several players to try and pull the strings; Charlie Adam, Jay Spearing and other players were used, however they all proved they couldn’t live up to the standard of the Spaniard.

The question is, if Allen signs for Liverpool, can he make a success of himself? Let us not forget, he is only young. His debut season in the Premier League was terrific. He proved that he could dictate the game from his position. He was the puppeteer, the distributor, the heart of Rodgers’ Swansea. He looked completely comfortable on the ball which is brilliant for someone of his age playing in a top league. His range of passing was exquisite, he could easily find that bit of space to thread the ball through. He was the prime example of Swansea’s style of play. He could pass it on, and move quickly on in order to complete the triangles that occurred all over the pitch. He has also performed brilliantly for Great Britain in the Olympics, proving how he can change his role to suit any side. A real stand-out player amongst the Olympic footballing nations.

Statistically, Allen is up there with the best of his kind. Over the whole of last season, Allen had a 91% pass completion rate. Comparing that to other players, Yaya Toure (90%), Luka Modric (87%) and Michael Carrick (90%), also comparing it to Liverpool’s best midfielder last season Lucas Leiva, who only achieved a 86% pass completion rate, it shows that if Rodgers decides to sign another of his old players, Allen could make a success of himself up at Anfield.

However, big amounts of money are already being floated about in the press concerning how much Liverpool will need to pay for Allen. Not only does it seem a bit expensive for someone who has only had one full season in the Premier League, it brings back memories of Dalglish’s horrible transfer dealings. Henderson, who only had 2 seasons of top-flight football at Sunderland, was brought in for a ridiculous amount of £20million. Just look how much of a success he’s been at Liverpool. 20 million quid down the drain it seems. The same with Carroll, the up and coming Geordie centre-forward who was being compared to Shearer and Drogba, being bought for a more expensive price than Manchester United paid for Wayne Rooney. 11 goals in 56 games seems to me like he really isn’t worth £15million let alone £35million.

So will Allen be next on the list of Liverpool’s recent unsuccessful dealings? The young Welsh prospect becoming just another Kop flop? Statistics alongside his consistent performances last season as well as his performances for Great Britain suggest not. However, if Liverpool do manage to sign Allen, it does seem to me like it’s done with legitimate reasoning. Not just “Oh look a bright young player, let’s snap him up,” more so a replacement for someone Liverpool have sorely missed. Joe Allen looks set to become a success up at Liverpool, if a transfer fee can be agreed.

15 thoughts on “Joe Allen: Xabi’s Replacement or Another Kop Flop?

  1. Oh come on! I can’t believe what I see. Replacement for Alonso? Has someone been chewing the berries? Allen is good but closer to mediocre than very good. His passing rate was skewed by it being mainly backward or sideways and ANY midfielder can accomplish that if it is required. What we mean by an excellent pass rate is one that is decisive forward cutting out opponent passing and Allen achieves that on very few occasions. If we get Allen we have yet another Adam buy on our books.

    • coulnt agree more. ”Performed brilliantly in the olympics?” hmm, no he did not. Sadly, we will spend another 15 million on the next Charlie Adam.

    • Any midfielder can accomplish passing backwards and sideways if required? Spearing was given that role last season. A 71.1% pass completion rate suggests not all midfielders can accomplish it to a high-standard.

      Joe Allen is an entirely different kind of player to Charlie Adam. Charlie Adam, for one, is not consistent and never has been. Adam is also an awful tackler. Joe Allen has proved on 2 stages that he is a consistent performer. Domestically and internationally.

      The endless attempts to play your midfielders in the Alonso position has fallen short. Joe Allen is the man to fill Alonso’s shoes. Yes, he does fall short of Alonso in some aspects. But the point I’m getting at is, Alonso was the soul of your team, he controlled the game. No other midfielder has done that since. That’s why Rodgers has realised he needs to find someone he knows can fill the gap, that’s where Joe Allen comes in.

  2. Allen can’t be another Xabi Alonso he (Allen) is another flop also rodgers himself is going to be another flop manager if we the lfc fans can remember when dalglish came in this is how i comment on how dalglish have fumbling around instead of signing quality players that could have give us what we want he (dalglish) was blind to see that then at last every body saw were we ended if not because of carling coffee cup he (kenny) was celebrating that he has won a trophy we could have not qualify for europa league,it could have been better we entered top 4 than coffee cup that we collected.

  3. Chunky, i dont know where everyone is getting this opinion that Joe Allen only passes sideways and backwards from because he doesnt. If you counted assists as the pass prior to tue assist aswell Joe Allen would have a shedload. I think we will be pleasantly surprised if he joins us.

  4. chunky you obv dont know what your talking about his passing ranged it top notch keeps the ball moving he would be a success at liverpool

  5. Disagree chunky. If you saw the Olympics you’ll see he was a decent player. Yes he’s not at Alonso level yet but surround him with better players and he has the chance of getting there. If we play him, Lucas and Gerrard in the middle 3, then that’s a lot of control over the middle if the park.

  6. allen might not b as decisive as d x’s (xavi or xabi) but d guy is composed on d ball, Sometin lfc has lacked 4 a long time. He has potentials and is clearly beta dan hendo. YNWA

  7. First of all, Damien Commoli was not sacked for those gargabe trading. His many task was to off-load the previous Managers’ shit, which he successfully did. I had a feeling that, DC was sacked mainly due to his failure to inform the football (sorry soccer) ignorant Cowboys about the idiotic transfer spending by the then Manager. It was KD who was sacked, for his transfer dealings, for his media handling, for his British biasness & off course for his club’s performances.

    Coming to Allen purchase, he is Charlie Adam Version 2.0, but at double price. Sorry, but club comes first & I don’t want LFC to become a laughing stock once more. All those KD’s garbage are so over inflated commodity that even at half price, we are unable to find a buyer for the high OPEX (salary).

    There are many similarities between Adam & Allen; both had a great first season @ EPL, both of them were rated as Mid-field “Maestros” for relegation battlers, both had great passing vision (when mostly passing backwards or sky-hoofing) & both were blossoming young Britis “Talunts”. If this transfer goes on, both ‘ll move to LFC from a small pond at big fish’s price & both Internationally play for European minnows.

    The fundamental difference between Allen & Alonso is one starts for mighty Wales & the other for a small matter of Spain. Alonso moved from LFC to Real Madrid, those 2 super hyped Brits ‘ll move back from LFC to where they belonged (Blackpool, Swansea or similar club, battling EPL relegation or fighting for promotion in Championship), or they ‘ll make LFC to that level.

    In last 20 years, apart from Sir Alex, not a single British Manager could win the EPL (Actually I wonder how many of them had taken to CL, apart from Redknapp), shows the quality of British Managers in recent times. & Sir Alex’s main mantra of success was building his team around top non British players. He was the only British Manager without undue fellow feeling & the earlier BR understands that the better; otherwise we ‘ll be looking for the next Manager in coming May, while the next man’s prime job again ‘ll be trash cleaning.

    LFC before anything, anyone. YWNA.

    • Sir Alex the only British Manager to win the EPL in the last 20 years? Aren’t you forgetting your broken idol. Kenny Dalglish. Blackburn. 1995.

      Alonso was consistent. You haven’t bought a completely injury-free, high-standard, quality midfielder since he left. Rodger’s new style of play at Liverpool calls for players who can dictate the game. Adam can’t, Spearing can’t, Lucas can’t. Gerrard is your only world-class midfielder and in recent years, he’s been struggling with injuries. Not only will Allen will provide consistency, he will be the heart of the Rodger’s revolution. The string-puller, dictating the play, you underestimate the role Allen will play.

    • what are you talking about. all this rubbish comparing joe allen to charlie adam, there is no comparison. Charlie adam had half a good season for blackpool. Joe allen has had a good season with Swansea and then gone to team GB played different tactics and still performed which shows his resilience and his ability to adabt.
      we will be getting a class midfielder if we sign Joe allen and we will finnaly have a midfielder that doesnt give the ball away every other pass and he is a lot better than we have in the team now
      Iwould also go away and check your history source as K D also won the EPL and in the last 20 years 1995 season to be presise
      Its fans like you that are whats bad about Liverpool all you are waiting for is an oppertunity to stick the boot in to the new manager and what better way to do it than critisise his signings and hope that your proven right. no doubts you will be one of the fans calling for Dalglish when we loose a few
      you mark my words Joe Allen will blossom and you will then be saying how wonderfull he is and how you always rated him fans like you always do.
      your nick name is LFC_FAN start acting like one not a dirty manc fan in disguise


  8. I see Joe Allen kickstarting the passing style we are striving for this season. However I do not see him reaching the heights that Xabi Alonso did for us. He is defiantly an improvement to our midfield, which currently consists of average players such as Spearing, Shelvey, Adam and Henderson and at the age of 22 years old he can only get better. There is no way that Joe Allen is another Charlie Adam. Joe Allen’s movement is far better, his technical ablility is far greater and being so young means he has the stamina to keep up with the tempo of the game. In my opinion Charlie Adam has fitness issues, in which he struggles to keep with the tempo leading to sloppy tackles. Joe Allen will provide a certain consistency in terms of the style of football that Brendan Rodgers is looking to implement. I personally thought that Joe Allen played very well with team GB and looked very sharp on and off the ball. He will go down as a success at Liverpool FC.

  9. To all the people already slating Allen, I’m wondering whether you actually watched any of Team GB’s football matches. If you watched Allen play, you could see he performed what was asked of him to the best of his ability. He was the deep-lying midfielder and he controlled the game brilliantly. He didn’t just pass “backwards and sideways,” he played a massive role going forward. He looked comfortable and was full of confidence, something midfielders like Charlie Adam lack. The man so many of you are comparing him to.

    To all the Liverpool fans who are already criticising the new era at your club. I’m a Chelsea fan and I’m really excited to see Rodgers’ impact on the team. I’m absolutely gutted we let Borini go, he’s a real talent. Rodgers is much more technical than Dalglish, he can see what needs to be done rather than just nick a few young players. All you Liverpool fans should be buzzing going into this new era at your club, but then I guess you still think you’re a big club that should be challenging for the league. A few more years yet I’m afraid.

  10. Once a big club? Prat whoever wrote this; Our honours board speaks for ItSELF you idiot. We’ve won MORE trophies than ANY English club & thus are (Still) THE most successful of ALL in this country end of whatever bitter little pygmies like the venomous fool who wrote this rubbish might think;

    I notice the same type of idiot as the prat who wrote this were prob’ PRECISELY The same sort who INSISTED the scum & liars from OT were a or THE big club in England Even WHEN they did NOT win a title for 26 years? Says it all about the authors pathetic little agenda – “once a big club”? Tw*t – go to Anfield – walk through our trophy room & THEN come back & say that. None has won more than us In England – none ever WILL:

    Now go home, there’s a good little boy – do your homework & next time when you come back? You MIGHT write a piece that I don’t have so little trouble cutting utterly to pieces within minutes as that – like the premise of your abysmally bad so-called ‘argument’? Was utterly pathetic. LFC – English football (Still) in our shadow………………

  11. I’m afraid RedShadow you’ve just backed up the stereotype of your fans. I believe this is a brilliant article. It’s caused a great debate. The author has done his research and has obviously got some knowledge on the game. You don’t call the author a prat when you know you haven’t adapted to the modern game. You’re no longer a big club I’m afraid, you won’t be challenging for the league for a few years to come. Now leave the author alone and go claim your benefits, there’s a nice scouser.

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